Asian Countries have so many in common for their language, food habit, traditional foods, and cultures. The use of lactic acid bacteria has been recognized since long time ago, especially to preserve foods in Asia. Traditional fermented milk also has been produced and consumed in Asian countries ,eg. Dadih in Indonesia, Dahi in India, which share similar word. Besides. There are so many varieties of traditional fermented foods in Asia, either milk based, vegetable based or fruit based product.

Lactic Acid Bacteria has been used in the preparation and preservation of food and drinks in many cultures since ancient times. Two of the most prominent genera in this class of bacteria are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria. Salminen et al. (1998) proposed the definition, “probiotics are viable microbial preparations in foods and feeds or dietary supplements designed to improve or maintain human health” and adopted by WHO. Lactic acid bacteria are generally recognized as safe for human consumption.
Dadih is Indonesian traditional fermented buffalo milk in West Sumatra prepared by pouring fresh raw buffalo milk into a bamboo tube capped with banana leaves and allowed to ferment spontaneously at room temperature (30oC) for two days. Spontaneous fermentation in dadih gives opportunity to various indigenous lactic bacteria involved in fermented dadih, which may vary from time to time as well as from one to another place of dadih making.

Some lactic acid bacteria isolated from Asian traditional fermented foods may have probiotic properties. One of the major criteria used in selecting probiotic strain is the ability   to adhere effectively to human and animal epithelial tissue. This binding capability has also been extended to use such as removal of biological as well as chemical contaminants from food and water. There is also ample evidence of the protective role of lactic acid bacteria against various waterborne infectious diseases and enhance the immune system, making probiotic important for human health promotion

National legislation has been recently introduced in developed countries to regulate probiotics as functional foods or as Food for Specific Health Use in Japan. Indonesia also has its national legislation for probiotics under Food Law.

The International Symposium on Probiotic from Asian Traditional Fermented Foods For Healthy GUT Function is aimed to share research experiences and progress among Asian countries, as well as to established a probiotic research community in Asia.