Poster Presentation :

Characterization of Lactobacillus pentosus as a potential strain for producing
L-lactic acid from biomass
P.S. Wulandari and B. Saksono

Characterization of Methanol Dehydrogenase of Pink Pigmented Facultative Methylotrophic Bacteria Isolated from Indonesian Salad
Vivitri D. Prasasty and Diana E Waturangi                    

Gel Forming Component of Green Cincau leaves   (Premna oblongifolia Merr.) Induced Short-Chain Fatty Acid Production in the Rat Dygesta
Samsu Udayana Nurdin   

Effect of Adding Lactic Acid Bacteria Inoculum and Full Cream Milk on Fermented Mung Beans (Phaseoulus radiatus L.) Concentrate as Functional Savory
Agustine Susilowati, Aspiyanto, and Yati Maryati                     

Probiotic Properties of Lactobacilli isolated From Sumbawa Mare Milk
I N.Sujaya N.M.U. Dwipayanti, N.L.P. Suariani, N.P. Widarini, N.W. Nursini , K. A. Nocianitri and Y. Ramona                    

Potential use of Reverse Osmosis Membrane For Concentrating Lactic Acid Bacteria  Fermented Mung Bean  (Phaseolus radiatus L.) as Functional Savory
Aspiyanto  and Agustine Susilowati      

Viability of Yogurt Starter Bacteria During The Production of Ice Cream
Masdiana Padaga and M.E.Sawitri 

Characterization of Probiotic Properties Towards Twenty Isolate Strains of Indigenous Lactic Acid Bacteria for Health Food Application
Ida Susanti, Retno W. Karnadi, Fatim Illaningtyas and R.D. Esti Widjayanti

Effect  of Milk Enriched by “Dadih” Probiotic  Enterococcus faecium IS-27526 (MEDP) on the IgA of the Elderly
Rusilanti, Clara M. Kusharto, Ingrid S Surono, Alsuhendra, Ridawati and Ani

Lactobacillus plantarum Strain IS-10506 and IS-20506 up regulated TLR 4
and but not TLR2 in overexperssed HSP-70 Intestinal Ephitelial cells of Rattus
induced by LPS
Wibi Riawan, Titis Sari Kusuma, I Gusti Made Reza Gunadi Ranuh and Ingrid S. Surono

The abilities of Lactobacillus plantarum Strain IS-10506 and IS-20506 ininhibiting NFkB activation, down regulating TNF Receptor-1 (TNF-R1) and Apoptosis in Ephitelial Intestinal’s Brush Border of Rattus novergicus induced LPS
Titis Sari Kusuma,Wibi Riawan, I Gusti Made Reza Gunadi Ranuh and Ingrid S. Surono                                               

Technology and Product Development of Biomass as Functional Natural
Protein and Prebiotic Substance
R. Hromádka, E.Tomasova, M.Jelinek , M. Beran and L. Adámek

Cloning of gene D – ldh from L.plantarum to develop its mutant for producing Highly purified L-lactic acid
B. Saksono, P.S. Wulandari ,E. Yetti, L. Triratna , G.A. Wibowo , D. Fitriani , D. Setyo Rini and M. Gozan                

Intestinal Metabolism of Cholesterol in Children with Cows-milk Allergy
Agneta Uusijärvi, Anna-Karin Persson, Christine Edwards and Elisabeth Norin

Antagonism Properties of  Indigenous Probiotic Isolated from Traditional Fermented Foods Against Diarrhoeal Pathogens
Lily Arsanti Lestari, Abu Tholib A and Endang S. Rahayu         

Concentration of Mung Beans (Phaseolus radiatus L.) vegetable broth as Functional Savory Flavor by Ultrafiltration membrane
Agustine Susilowati, Aspiyanto, Hakiki Melanie and Yati Maryati

Probiotic Reduce Incidence and Duration of Respiratory Tract Infections in Children
Arthur C. Ouwehand, Didier Carcano, Shuguang Li, Anders Henriksson, Greg Leyer

Synbiotic effect of Prebiotic  (Dahlia pinnata cav Tubers)  and  Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) by  DFM (Direct Fed Microbial) on Nutrient Digestibility  of Poultry FeedDadik Pantaya  and  Suci Wulandari

Utilization of Honey as Prebiotics
Rusfidra and Endang Purwati